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    • Snoop’s Premium Nutrients GROW A&B

      To reach their full potential, plants in the growth phase require a balanced intake of cations and anions. SNOOP’S PREMIUM GROW has been specifically formulated to provide your plants with the ideal proportion of nutrients for the growth phase increasing your crop’s ability to grow strong and lush. Providing your plants with…

    • Snoop’s Premium Nutrients HYZYME

      In nature, the plant root zone is a microhabitat which contains naturally occurring micro-organisms. SNOOP’S PREMIUM HYZYME is a liquid natural enzyme preparation that encourages fast decomposition of dead and dying roots.

    • Snoop’s Premium Nutrients RADICAL ROOTS

      Roots are vital to successful growth. SNOOP’S PREMIUM NUTRIENTS RADICAL ROOTS is a unique product specifically formulated to promote the development of strong roots. By encouraging the continued generation of roots throughout the lifecycle SNOOP’S PREMIUM NUTRIENTS RADICAL ROOTS also helps with the development of flowers and increases a crop’s…

    • Snoop’s Premium Nutrients START A&B

      Research has shown that it’s bad practice to use grow nutrients at a reduced dilution rate when fertilizing clones and young plants. While the ppm will be in the desired range, grow nutrients will not meet the plants’ need for more anions than cations. SNOOP’S PREMIUM START A&B has been…

    • Snoop’s Premium Nutrients YUMMY YIELD

      SNOOP’S PREMIUM NUTRIENTS YUMMY YIELD is a unique growth promoter which aids photosynthesis throughout the entire life cycle as well as flower growth in the bloom phase. SNOOP’S PREMIUM NUTRIENTS YUMMY YIELD also helps regulate the opening and closing of the stomata allowing efficient water use.


      Plants work hardest during the bloom phase. They need much higher levels of phosphates (P) and potassium (K) in order to produce flowers. SNOOP’S PREMIUM NUTRIENTS HEAVY HARVEST has been formulated to work in conjunction with the levels of phosphates (P) and potassium (K) already found in SNOOP’S PREMIUM NUTRIENTS…

    • Sugar Shack, A Powdered Sugar

      Provides plants with a great source of energy and encourages the growth of beneficial microorganisms. A supplement that provides vital micro-nutrients, enabling microbial life to flourish and thrive. Increases overall vitality of plants and raises brix levels with vitamins and minerals to produce heavier buds, better taste, and fragrance.

    • Sul-Cal-Mag

      Did you know Sulfur, Calcium, and Magnesium are also Macronutrients? Sulfur is a structural component of amino acids and vitamins and is essential in the manufacturing of chloroplasts. Calcium regulates the transport of other nutrients and is particularly important in root development, with roles in cell division, cell elongation, and the detoxification of hydrogen ions.…

    • THE GREEN PAD CO2 Generator

      THE GREEN PAD is an innovative product designed to increase levels of carbon dioxide in your indoor garden, and propagation domes, absorbing your gardens humidity to power its CO generating reactions. Using a unique natural combination of carbons and acids that react to humidity to begin a measured release of CO THE…

    • The O.G. Starter Kit – Meigs

      The O.G. Starter Kit includesectomycorrhizal 8oz. Grow, 8oz. Bloom, 4oz. Sul-Cal-Mag, 4oz. Big Tops, 4oz. Bud Honey, 4oz. Mother’s Little Helper, 1oz. Photo Max XL, 1oz. Root Mass XL, 1oz. Sugar Shack. A liquid fertilizer concentrate is easy to apply. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Contains all the proper nutrients needed…


      A highly- concentrated, targeted blend of three growth-promoting rhizobacteria for use with organic or conventional growing practices to increase quality and yield in a natural, sustainable, and efficient way from start to finish.

    • Trim Fast Blade Lubricant

      is ideal for use on snips, shears, and automated trimmers—anywhere a food grade lubricant belongs. Safe for use with live plants. Your cuttings will benefit from a clean blade surface that reduces the risk of infection and shock. Trim Fast’s advanced action works in two ways: it contains a food grade* lubricant…

    • URB

      URB is safe for your plants. URB will help reduce the need for other products that you may already be using. URB is simple to apply by following the mixing rates on the bottle with either nutrients or water. URB can be applied to the soil, foliar or directly into your hydroponic systems. *…


      Vitamino is a vitamin supplement that increases plant performance in hydroponic and soil applications. Designed to deliver exactly what plants need to thrive in accelerated growth environments, Vitamino provides a highly concentrated form of B1.

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