Pioneer 4′ x 4 T5 w/ Bulbs

A trailblazer in fluorescent garden lighting, the Pioneer T5 Grow Fixture features an innovative wide-dispersion reflector to extend light coverage and help achieve impressive yields. Each unit is linkable via a built-in 120-volt receptacle, and integrated hanging hardware allows overhead or vertical setup. Vented heavy-duty steel housing keeps running temps low for component longevity. The Pioneer 4 foot fluorescent fixture includes 6,500-kelvin VitaLUME 54-watt high-output fluorescents best suited for supplemental or vegetative lighting applications. Pioneer’s elite features don’t end at high performance—textured powder coating gives the fixture an attractive finish. Pioneer 4 Foot T5 Grow Light Specifications All units ETL-listed 120-volt Pioneer IV 4 Foot x 4 Bulbs Rated at 216 Watts 1.82 Amps 46.77″ x 14.72″ x 2.38″ 20,000 Lumens 5 Chain Link Pioneer VI 4 Foot x 6 Bulbs Rated at 324 Watts 2.97 Amps 46.77″ x 20.16″ x 2.38″ 30,000 Lumens 3 Chain Link Pioneer VII 4 Foot x 8 Bulbs Rated at 532 Watts 46.77″ x 25.75″ x 2.38″ 40,000 Lumens 2 Chain Link

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